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What to Bring to Class

For your first class all you will need to bring is yourself! We do not expect new dancers to invest in brand new shoes or specific clothing unless they are sure they want to continue with the school.

Clothing & Hair

  • Sports/active clothing such as shorts & a t-shirt. Wear clothing that is comfortable & easy to move in. Denim shorts or very tight/short shorts or hotpants should be avoided.
  • Trackies & a jumper can be worn over shorts & a t-shirt during colder months so you can keep warm while not dancing.
  • Long hair should be tied up & kept out of the face (long fringes may need to be clipped or pinned back during class).


  • Beginners may start in sneakers or socks if they wish. Alternatively, you can wear ballet slippers or soft sole jazz shoes if you already have them from other dance class (do not purchase these specifically)
  • Second hand or new Irish dance soft shoes can be purchased once you are sure you/your child is going to condition dancing. Hardshoes will not be needed until all soft shoe dances have been learnt (usually a few months to a year).


  • A drink in a labelled bottle with a lid. Plain water is best, fizzy drinks should be avoided.
  • Notepad & pen to write down new steps or other tips & info from your teacher.
  • Exercise (yoga) mat & skipping rope for warmups (we have a few ropes spare for new starters).

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