The Roberts Academy can provide special packages for schools and kindergartens.

We've performed at a number of school events over the years including Spring Fairs, Harmony Day, Christmas Concerts and more.

But we can go a step further and TEACH your students how to Irish dance! These sessions will demonstrate a number of basic traditional Irish dance steps. Older students may even be able to learn a group "Ceili" routine - a traditional Irish country dance.

These sessions are great for developing co-ordination, balance & musicality, as well as team work & concentration. We can even provide some background info on the history of the dances & music.

We are also lucky to have some very talented Irish musicians within our school who can join us to perform some traditional tunes.

Our interactive sessions are a fantastic addition to your school's music, dance or sports program.

Or why not book us in to do a session for your OSHC or Vacation Care programs?


Young Irish dancer focussing on points

Want something like this for YOUR school?

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