Showing their true personalities

A great day at the AIDA Showcase

Saturday 10th April saw the SA/NT branch of the Australian Irish Dancing Association host it’s first ever “Showcase” event. The concert celebrated Irish dancing in South Australia. Most importantly, it provided a non competitive setting for the schools to come... Read More

Feis Season is BACK

This weekend marked the first competition of the Adelaide 2021 “Feis Year” and our dancers were keen to get back on stage. The one day Irish dance competition was hosted by AIDA SA and allowed dancers of all ages &... Read More
Our dancers celebrating the end of 2020!

We survived 2020!

It's been a weird old year! So it sure felt good to get together for an End of Year gathering and celebrate surviving "The Year That WAS". While it started like any other year with lots of excitement and big... Read More