With Christmas coming up fast, our calendar is jam packed with lots of Pageants, Parades and Performances! With so much going on, it almost feels like it’s a second St Patrick’s Day!

Irish dancers at Glenelg Christmas Pageant

The season kicked off at Baden Pattinson Kindergarten where we put on a performance for the kids and their families.

The kids especially loved having the chance to jump up with our dancers and teachers to learn some Irish Jig steps themselves. Each child who joined in got a certificate to keep, and lots of high fives! And they were all keen to test out their new footwork once the performance was over.. dancing all around the fair!

The next weekend saw a very busy day for the school – a group of our awesome mum’s ran a delicious Sausage Sizzle at Stratco, cooking up a storm to help raise funds for the school. Meanwhile the dancers joined the Glenelg Christmas Pageant, dancing their way down Jetty Road for the crowds. Then it was off to Mawson Lakes to dance for the Christmas Markets at Mawson Centre, with more Jig lessons and high fives!

We’ve got another busy weekend to come too, with two performances, two BBQ’s, and our own Frozen Movie Fundraiser! There’s lots going on, and lots of memories to be made.

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