It’s been a weird old year! So it sure felt good to get together for an End of Year gathering and celebrate surviving “The Year That WAS”.

While it started like any other year with lots of excitement and big plans, COVID had other ideas. We were lucky enough to get in a couple of displays for St Patrick’s Day before restrictions came into place, cutting the celebrations short. Not long after, in person classes had to be shut down and we heard of the cancellation of the World Championships.

For a large part of the year, classes were run online using Zoom – something we’ve never done before. But the dancers quickly adapted & did their best with dodgy connections, small spaces, and guest appearances from many a parent, pet, or sibling!

As restrictions gradually lifted we did what we could within the rules – outdoor training sessions, small class sizes, and LOTS of hand sanitiser! Thankfully, towards the end of the year we were able to start running competitions again with the Miller Feis & Southern Stars taking place before States finally went ahead in October.

Despite the tough year, our dancers performed very well, with several dancers achieving their personal goals and some of their best results yet. We also had several of our Beginner dancers compete for the first time.

While it wasn’t possible for us to run a full concert this year, we still got together for an Awards night and a short performance from the kids.

Thanks to all our parents and dancers for your hard work, dedication, and support through the last year! You guys did an amazing job of pushing through the weirdness. Here’s to a better year in 2021!

Our dancers celebrating the end of 2020!
Congratulations to all our dancers for getting through the weirdest year of Irish dancing ever!

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